Button enhancement

Newbie here - very newbie.

I am working on my first designed by me web page, and I think the idea I have is possible, but I don’t know how to code it - don’t know if it is possible with just CSS and HTML.

Here goes:

I want to have navigation buttons on the home page which change when they are clicked on, and not only that, I want each one to change to an image that will be particular to that button only when the visitor comes back to the homepage (I mean on the same visit to the site - not for all succeeding visits to the site).

The purpose of the home page is to allow the visitor access to various works of art, then back to the home page to look at another. I want the visitor to have an idea of what they saw, so if they come back to the homepage they can easily revisit what they have already seen but only if they want to pick that again (hence the particular image for each button after viewing). I don’t want to have a sea of buttons that a person picks over and over, hunting thru pages they didn’t really want to see for the page they saw once and want to see again.

I hope this makes sense.


Basically you would probably have to use server-side scripting and cookies to track the user and dynamically change the images, etc. It is beyond the scope of plain HTML. That’s if I understand the question correctly.

Although there is such a thing as ‘browser history’. Though I think what you mean really dynamically output a type of breadcrumb/history of what images they have viewed.

Get as much help as possible here and you’ll do just fine. Everybody starts from the basics. Good luck!

I’m not certain I have been clear about what I am trying to do. I see how one can use the :visited for the anchor element to change the color of the text of a visited link. Can I use something like that to change the visited link to an image, not just text to a different color?