"Button" element vs. "Input" element on Forms

Hello, everyone.

There is a 14-month-old thread entitled “button submit or input submit better” on this forum that I can sure relate to! It took a couple of weeks of trying everything in the book before finding out (http[colon]//reference.sitepoint.com/html/button) that in some browsers, like in my “MSN Explorer” browser, the text between a “button” element’s tags gets “submitted” by a form instead of the button’s value-attribute “value.”

The Sitepoint reference page above recommends using the “input” element instead of the “button” element.

That’s what I did, and now this “Sitepoint Forum Survey,” (http[colon]//whowillbethenextonline.com/sitepoint.html) that I put together while learning “AJAX,” should work in all browsers!