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also I found the field below the input field lost its color and its length stretches over input field. it wasn’t like that.

The warning is telling you that there is no content within your <h2></h2> tags.

 <h2 class="title"><span class="glyphicon headiconlabelmain glyphicon-user"></span></h2>   

yes it is empty but places user glyph in center, maybe this is not the right way, please help me, thank you.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re doing.

Heading tags - <h1> to <h6> - are used for headings. If your content is not a heading, then it is inappropriate to use a heading tag.

See https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/Heading_Elements.

yes I understand but is you click on login on cogepen example you will see a modal with on its top/header starting with a user glyph icon, then the title. I am afraid I made mistake with the code. please have a look, thank you.

As I said, you should only use heading tags for headings. A decorative glyph is not a heading, so don’t wrap it in <h2> (or any other heading) tags. As far as I can see, it would be more appropriate as a background image, but I’m not sure what the purpose of the image is, so perhaps there is a better solution.

It is important not to abuse headings, as they are used by assistive technology to help visually-impaired visitors navigate a page. Misusing them will make it difficult for these visitors to access your content.

thank you for help. can you help me to get this thing in a correct way? thank you.

I’ve told you what you need to do. I suggest you try and fix it yourself, and if you run into problems, then post a new question in a new thread, with your updated code. (You only need to post the code for the relevant section of the form, not the entire thing.)

We are here to help, not to provide ready-made solutions.

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