Button disappears on hover

HI … my add to cart (customise) dissapears if i hover on product. I tried change zindex,delete hover style, make hover backround transparent, but no work, its css right? Please help someone, stuck on it…!

Shop catalog link http://styleshopltu.eu/prekes/

Can you simplify the problem without displaying your entire site?
Cut the code down to the bare minimum that causes the problem.

sory , but i have no idea which code does that. i thought that live site is best example a03973fe4e3c126e03c57e4fb893cadb6be3164f_2_690x401

Yes a live link is always best as long as it exhibits the problem you mention.:slight_smile:

When I look at the page in your link I see no buttons at all either on hover or at default state? You seem to have turned the buttons off width opacity:0 and display:none.

If I add the following code at the end of the css the buttons appear in green (not red as your screenshot).

body ul.products li.product .button{

I could not find a page like your screenshot exactly?

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