Business that have business pages on facebook

Hi all,

I have friend who i am doing a website for and hes owns his own salon as in a hair dresser/hair stylist anyway he works for himself and he has setup his own facebook business page only thing is that he wants to be on the top of the page and wants to know how much traffic will actually make appointments with him to get his or her haircut and or styled anyway,

Would seo being done on his website boast his sales on being and he said hes getting quiet a few from his facebook fan page but can seo and a website actually be boasting his sales for his salon i suggest some idea of makin it easier for his clients to book online with his booking system in the salon but i spoke to the software publisher and they said its almost done to be completed the api and website intergration as for seo side of things being top of the first page would that also boast his sales

heres a link to his Facebook page!/pages/Christchurch/Jeronomos-Hair-Styling-Operation-at-Vida/125663487453943?ref=ts&__a=19&ajaxpipe=1

would he get a boast in sales if he had a website and his website being seo’ed and being top of search engine results for his industry?


Absolutely true and furtheremore, being #1 for a broad term could be completely meaningless if the business isn’t relevant to the typical searcher. You may find more sales with a keyword that has 1/10th the value in the exact niche than one with a ton of volume but that isn’t exactly related.

For sure, if he was top of the list then he would almost definitely generate more customers (in comparison to someone further down the list). It’s not really possible to quantify that though…

He does have a physicall address but if he got his company website on first page results would he generate more income or more customers if he get placed in the first page for christchurch,new zealand hair stylists?


It’s highly unlikely that he would would ever reach the top spot in the business pages, the kind of traffic you would need to generate would likely be more than his entire business would get in customers (as he is going to have a physical address therefore the traffic scope would be limited) - especially relative to the other businesses that exist which will have a much larger audience. Secondly, there are no reliable statistics that can simply say you will get X amount of business from X amount of customers, it doesn’t work that way in business, you can’t guarantee that visits will simply be made upon click and factors such as what the profile contains will have more to-do with determining the relative conversion. As for SEO, that’s a totally different subject, unrelated to Facebook. :slight_smile:

Income is NOT comparative to position, visibility or even click rates, you can’t assume that being on the front page would equal more income. :slight_smile:

Being on the front page will mean more visibility and therefore (as a result) visitors, but there’s no guarantees you will convert visits into sales.

I have my business on facebook, not a lot of friends. But it’s there…

I’m not sure how you’re connecting SEO to Facebook in your question… If your friend has a page for a business with fans he should be working to give them relevant content that keeps them interested as well as offers / messages to get them to act (book, buy, etc). You can certainly optimize a Facebook page to drive more traffic but primarily growth on social networks comes from sharing, and funneling other sources (like an in-store flier) back to the page.