Business Support Group for Seniors (50 Plus)

Sorry, we haven’t even formed an entity or gotten funding yet and there are already competitors in the space. So it’s hush hush.

But you should know that there is tons of evidence that as people age, they become less driven by consumer purchases, getting new stuff, and things in general. So, you are pretty typical!

I’m not that old and I literally don’t want anything that I don’t already have - and I don’t have much stuff :slight_smile:

The term coined ‘Seniorpreneur’ is defined as Seniors (50 Plus).
If I add 15-20 years my potential market would be smaller.

Good Luck in creating a business that caters to Seniors. You say that many Seniors mellow out and do very little in their old age. This is one of the reasons why I ask the question: Will Seniors be active, creative, productive OR insignificant, unimportant, etc.? I want to help those Seniors(50 Plus) that want to startup a small business. Some of these Seniors will be capable to work an outstanding business such as an entrepreneur like Colonel Sanders, but probably MOST Seniors will have relatively smaller businesses. However; it will be a better option and a more satisfying retirement life than wasting your time on the golf course or sitting on a fishing boat all day.

About the facts surrounding Colonel Sanders just to let you know I own two copies of the only book that the Colonel wrote. Any information I give is taken from this book. Thanks.

Limiting my market to Seniors is being done on purpose because this is the demographic I’m writing about in my book. i.e. Senior Entrepreneurs that are 50 Plus.

Incoherent thread of the year!

again, this is misconstrued

seniors can be active ~and~ significant

seniors can be creative ~and~ important

it’s not an either/or situation :slight_smile:

this is a good objective, nicely stated

okay, there’s something that needs to be cleared up here

being able to play golf whenever you want is HUGELY SATISFYING

i’m not a fisherman but a very good friend of mine is, and being able to fish all day is a pretty succinct description of NIRVANA

you make it sound like if seniors don’t undertake the almighty quest for the almighty dollah that they aren’t gonna be happy

you are so, so wrong in your estimation of what is actually satisfying


Hell I was like that when I was 20… I’ll be 27 in a week :shrugs:

Not to mention self-suffient, again going against public opinion.

Good for you. That is an rare perspective for a young person and it will serve you well over your lifetime.

being poor + poor in college = top romin is yummy lol

Privation is different from lacking desire, but I get your point! I had my share of ramen back in the day.

I agree there. Frugal ftw?

Not to hijack the thread or get into esoteric semantics but actually, I would say that frugality isn’t the same as a lack of desire either. It’s a good thing, though, withing reason.

Being active and creative is both significant and important. I agree.
Playing golf all day, everyday and fishing all day, everyday is termed as being selfish. I’m talking about giving back to Society after you have been taking for so long. Also, it’s not necessarily about the money but it’s about service (helping others) and having something meaningful to do in your retirement life.

Who’s to say really. I think determining how one spends their later time is personal to the extant of uniqueness.

If someone gets extremely wealthy, good for them
if someone idles away, good for them too
TBH I have enough with just keeping myself inline to worry much about most others, and it never did any good either.

Anyway, IMHO just “50++” is broad
if you focus on those gainly involved in the business world, that limits, but is that your target niche - are you concerned not about those it doesn’t include?

seems to me that this is entirely backwards

i gave to society in the form of income taxes, sales taxes, and value-added taxes, for an entire lifetime of fulltime employment

i also contributed to my own pension plans and received tax-deferred severance payments on those occasions where the employer decided to ditch employees (downsizing and outsourcing)

i think it’s time i started taking back instead of contributing


It looks like in this thread I’m talking to a lot of relatively YOUNG people and we are having a generational mis-understanding. This book is intended for people aged 50 & over i.e. almost retired or already retired. This is probably why I’m getting some of these comments from people in their 20’s or 30’s who are probably not even thinking about retirement yet. And, yes I have personally just retired.

I was told that this group currently has many members that are 50 Plus.

I hope this helps to clear up any conflicting comments or opinions when you have people participating who are from different generations and of course have different values, points of view and personal needs.

Thanks for your understanding.

Downsizing and outsourcing is becoming more common now in this new economic environment. I assume that your working life was enjoyable.

It would be interesting to find out how you will be spending your retirement life? If we keep getting more medical advances we might have 25 or more years to spend in retirement.

cycling, watching television, reading, long walks in da ravines, taking pictures and writing shít for my web site, babysitting my grandkids…

no travel, no theater, no movies, no getaways, no cottage, no cruises, no automobiles, no fine wine, no art shows, no collectibles, no opera, no fancy clothes, and ~especially~ no restaurants

what’d i leave out?


I think you pretty well covered it all. I know that it’s a huge transition going from an everyday working career to a retirement life. It was for me too. At one time I was taking long 4-hour walks in our River Valley everyday for months in order to think about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I believe that knowing you have a website it probably says that your open to new ideas and it could lead to bigger things later.