Business Support Group for Seniors (50 Plus)

I retired recently. My first retirement project is to write and self-publish a non-fiction book about Seniors (50 Plus) empowered to become entrepreneurs. I would like to start a discussion about finding ‘Business Support Groups’ that might be able to mentor or coach those Seniors (50 Plus) that are motivated to become entrepreneurs. Any ideas? Also, what is your future retirement plan? Will you stay active, creative, productive and useful in society OR will you be traditional such as being politically weak, socially discountable and economically insignificant? i.e. would rather just play golf, go fishing, buy scratch tickets and drink Starbucks/Tim Horton’s high powered coffees all day. :>)

Thanks for listening.

oh, man, way to set up the question in an unbiased way…

Actually the senior demographics are traditionally extremely powerful politically and are closely watched during election cycles. Most people become more engaged in politics as they age, not less.

As for ‘socially discountable’ I can’t really comment because that’s an odd term that I’m not sure how to interpret.

I intend to work until my eyes give out, my butt gives out, or my brain gives out. However, I have been economically insignificant my whole life. Why should that change in my old age? :confused:

My brain already gave out once and I’m still going! If I can reach a point of economic ‘significance’ I would probably give up trying to generate/accumulate cash but I’d still want to work on lots of things.

I would guess that the majority of the world’s wealthiest people are over 50.

Here’s a saying I was told years ago
“It’s not how much you earn, but how much you spend.”

As for being active? I do a lot less running around and partying now. Oh, you meant doing productive adult things. More than before :wink:

Colonel Harland Sanders was once economically insignificant. At the age of 65 he sat in a rocking chair on his front porch when the mailman came and gave him a social security cheque in the amount of $105.00 US Funds. He wasn’t going to just accept Government cheques for the rest of his life. And, as everybody already knows he only needed 11 herbs & spices to change his retirement lifestyle and the rest is history and he was no longer economically insignificant.

I agree that senior demographics do have strong political interests. About ‘socially discountable’ I see that a lot of seniors are afraid to speak up, and many fear the complexity of computers which discounts their sociability to great extent.

The question isn’t biased. Traditionally, most seniors were not active, creative, productive, etc. Why not? Because they still had company pensions in those days and there was no need to make any extra money. As a result, time was usually wasted away in leisure pursuits. Today, we have economic turmoil where you will probably need to reinvent yourself to become more economically significant or be able to benefit Society more.

my dear fellow senior, i have no doubt about my ability to detect a biased and emotional choice of adjectives quite easily

“active, creative, productive and useful” carries strong positive connotations

“politically weak, socially discountable and economically insignificant” is negative

i can relate first hand experience with being active, creative, productive and useful, but i’m retired, oh my

i am also acquainted with, sadly, quite a good number of politically weak, socially discountable and economically insignificant younger wage earners who don’t vote, dodge taxes, are economic drones, doing often meaningless work (e.g. middle management), resource consumers and heavy polluters (3½ hour daily commute not being uncommon)…

it’s all in how you set up the question and i ain’t gonna play that game :wink:

Unfortunately, this is the economic dilemma that Seniors (50 Plus) will be facing one is positive and the other is negative. Thanks for your comments.

Agreed the language used is suspect.

Seniors aren’t as tech-savvy as a group, but they are one of the fastest growing segments of the WWW user base.

Your portrayal of Colonel Sanders fails to mention the fact that he had spent his entire life in various entrepreneurial pursuits and had made and lost lots of money before he got fabulously wealthy. He was a famously driven and intense person who tried many things in his life, and it’s not correct to portray him as someone who was meek or just sat around before the explosive success of KFC.

Finally, what is the specific objective of your intended group? Establishing a group for entrepreneurs that is limited to seniors seems odd and inconsistent with entrepreneurial success. Unless, that is, you are looking for support and confidence from other seniors to help you to overcome your apparent views on that demographic.

As much as I enjoy the use of the word “traditionally”, even in as poor an example as this one I feel the need to add my rebuttal here.

Company pensions are fairly new inventions, only having been around for say the last 25 years or so in any real fashion. Seeing as seniors have been around for a lot longer than 25 years your statement is ridiculous.

Traditionally, seniors worked as long as they could, either as farmers or whatever, because once they stopped working, they died or if they were lucky had children to take care of them.

As a result, time was usually wasted away in leisure pursuits.

How dare those lazy farts who spent decades in jobs they couldn’t stand waste their time in leisure pursuits?

Seriously now, who is wasting their time? The person who goes to a 9-5 job they hate with a boss they can’t stand, or the person who goes golfing and spends their time gardening and doing other things that they actually enjoy?

Today, we have economic turmoil where you will probably need to reinvent yourself to become more economically significant or be able to benefit Society more.

Walmart is hiring, and McDonalds is also seeing the advantages in hiring seniors as well.

OP, I would personally recommend that if you truly want to reach out to seniors that you avoid being so condescending to them.

I have no idea what your talking about.

That much is rather obvious

Interestingly, I am in the middle of planning a start-up that will cater exclusively to seniors. So, I’m starting to see a lot of demographic information about seniors as we start trying to learn how to reach that market.

The data suggests that while many seniors simply mellow out and do very little in their old age, there are millions of seniors who are actively pursuing all sorts of things. Businesses are popping up to accommodate those needs, and mine will be one of them.

I would like to know why senior = 50+. I would add 15-20 years to that especially since the government is trying to push back the age of retirement more and more.

In our research, the word ‘senior’ doesn’t really mean anything in specific. Retirees in the states are typically in their low 60s.

Our target demo is people at are essentially in the later stages of life, which means they usually don’t have young children and are usually pursuing enjoyable pursuits rather than applying to med school, etc. Very ambiguous to define but we are looking at the 60+ group for our particular product.

the older i get, the fewer wants i have

i might be very atypical, but i really don’t want to buy anything

okay, besides food and beer :slight_smile:

can you give a hint what your product might be?

That was aimed at OP not you Sage.

@Rudy: lol no comment