Business presence in multiple countries

A brief question:

A friend in Hong Kong is planning to set up an online business to distribute products in Asia, Europe and North America. He’s been asking friends in other countries to help, e.g. with sending orders from within Europe and North America.

I assume that the business is using just one single domain (would be crazy otherwise). But one thing he’s also wants is to “register one website account” in each target country.

So, here my question:
Is there any reason at all to register for a hosting account in the different countries where business is made even though there is just one single company and brand (e.g. SEO reasons - that you’d want to host on local servers, or legal reasons?

To me this just sounds like complicating things for a startup. I thought I better check with you lot. Many thanks!

Yes, it could help in SEO. If he has a domain name and hosts it on a UK IP address (for instance) he’d get better ranking on UK search engines.