Business Development Managers

We are planning to start a IT services company. We need to hunt for businesses.

In most companies the contact point is only HR. But we need to contact the business development manager of the company. How do I contact or make an appointment with business development manager of a company?

Kindly guide me.

Note: We are planning for a multimedia company.

call or email.

I’d suggest you buy a list. With most list companies, you can specify what information you want it to include, such as the decision-maker’s name and title. You can also get information like number of employees and annual revenue to help you target companies that are large to need your services, but small enough not to have an in-house IT department.

A combination of cold-calling and direct mail can be very effective. Keep in mind that you need to call more than just once. It can take up to 7 attempts to reach a decision-maker. But before you even start, you need to learn the proper way to cold-call. Picking up the phone and “just calling” is a recipe for disaster.

I can confidently recommend Scott Channell’s training course: He’s helped me a great deal.

I my country, i use my vast relationships with friends, partners…Joint events, exhibitions and use media programs.