Business database - where to sell it?

Hy guy’s,
I have a business database - Europe business companies with all the details (like: name, address, activity,phones, fax, email, website, top management people names, number of employes etc…), a total of 1,200,000 unique entries, updated in 2012.

My company buy it on march this year, but now we don’t need it any more.

The countries in the data base are:
Austria,Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uk and AE.
A total of 1.2 millions of unique entries.

I want some advice, where I can sell it and how much money I can get it on it;

Thank you.

Down is an example:


Thank you

You should categorize each business and find out people/websites online who would be interested in them and then make a deal. FOr eg. If you have doctors, then look for people who have a B2B then sell it to them. If I were in your place, I would have monetized these contacts myself :slight_smile:

I put all the business in order, also make a php software in order to search, export by country, activity etc…

Thank you for the response.

[FONT=verdana]You’ll need to keep the legal issues in mind. In Europe, some of the items in your database will be covered by data protection legislation. That won’t apply to the bulk of the company-specific information, but it might be relevant to the names of individuals, their occupations, job titles, and the like. Anyone buying the database will need to satisfy themselves that those individuals have given permission for those details to be used for whatever purpose the purchaser has in mind.

You could avoid that situation by removing any information relating to individuals. On the other hand, that would greatly diminish the value of the database.

Just something to keep in mind.