Burst Media acquired by Blinkx

BurstMedia has been acquired by Blinkx Burst Media Acquired by Blinkx . What do you think? It’s a bad news or good news?

i do not know if its good or bad for publishers, only time will tell.
I really think they got it cheap
Aol paid over 500 million to buy advertising.com afew years ago

Well, as of this morning, all my Burst tags are blanks, there is nothing on my website, and none of my Burst defaults are being used, my banners spots are just blank.

I have never received any eMails from them about this, so I have no idea what’s going on. Think I better go change my tags :slight_smile:

Mine is fine though there is decrement in the fill rate and revenue. My Burst defaults are set to ValueClick and it seems working fine too.

Well after being a loyal Burst publisher for over ten years I received notice this morning they were dropping our site IMMEDIATELY! No two-weeks or even two-day notice, no lets work together… just goodbye. If this is what Burst is turning into I’m glad they dropped me. They weren’t our highest performing network but they were the first to represent our site and have performed well. I’ve refused other networks their position in our chain. And then we’re treated like this? If the fifth most popular site in our category wasn’t good enough for them then it’s their loss.

What is burst … just like cj, linkshare an affiliate network?

an online adnetwork just like valueclickmedia and caslae media

it used to be a family owne dbusiness and just last week it was sold for 32 milliion

Time will tell is it good or bad:)

agreed. time will tell. BurstMedia is still the best CPM ad for me and I earn well from them.

Also with Burst for 10+ years, also treated in the same fashion.

I wrote to them for an explanation several weeks ago to which I’m still awaiting a reply.

A quite scandalous way to do business.