Bulk Page Creation For All Us Cities & States


I’m putting together a wordpress blog that will serve as a resource to provide information in my particular niche.

The niche is relatively new, but it steadily growing. It isn’t available in every U.S. city and state yet, but I believe
it eventually will.

I came across a plugin that creates pages in bulk. It allows you to create a page template, and replace the
names of cities and states creating a unique page for each.

I’ve never done this before, and I was hoping someone could share their experience with doing this.

Here is an example of what i’m trying to accomplish. (except in a different niche)


I tried looking at the code for his site, but it didn’t tell me much. Even though all of the pages are very similar, I’m pretty sure all of the pages get indexed, because I actually found this site by doing a local search related to gold

Any advice is appreciated.

Are you planning to do this using states and cities as categories with each city a child category of a state? You could do this by writing a script to manually update the database (when you get the category structure figured out). You could also do it in code. Do a little search and you can find ways to create categories and posts in code.

Yahoo search results