Built in Innodb or as plugin don't work!

Installed 5.1.45 after earlier having had 5.0.x on my Vista (SP2).
(Installations were made as developer computer - might be of some importance).

default engine being MYISAM.

I then tried:

but only got: " unknown table engine ‘innodb’ "

Checked with mysql> show engines \G

But the innodb wasn’t there…

Googled a lot for half a day and tested quite a bit, and learned there are two innodb versions A) the built in B) the plug-in.

So, I thought that it was only the built in that was not there.

So, under [mysqld] per instructions I added:
plugin_load=innodb=ha_innodb_plugin.dll ’ yes the file is in the \lib\plugin

No protests when the service is restarted…

Along with that I also tested skip-innodb and #skip-innodb in my.ini.

ALTER TABLE mytable ENGINE = innodb
produces unknown table engine…

In one place I have seen that there should be some twists to install this under Vista. (however the innodb site stated something like ~ “that procedure is not documented here”)

Oh, and yes - after each test I stopped and started the MYSQL service…

What is going on with INNODB? There are tons of docs on " unknown table engine ‘innodb’ " if googled upon. But no solutions!

Grateful for any tips!

After several attempts with ‘MySQL Server Instance Configuration’ - MySQLInstanceConfig.exe I was successful - beware of problems in the final Security Options page - some “not so funny logic” behind it - regarding changing the default password for ‘root’.