Building completely new WP site over existing one... how?

I’ve been asked to design a completely new WordPress site for a client, with all new content, pages, custom theme, etc. They have an existing WP site that needs to remain online until the new one is launched to overwrite it.

Having never done this before (I’ve been lucky to only have to do clean installs so far), what’s the best way to do this? I can work locally using MAMP, but how would I allow the client to preview the site before it launches? And is there a way to overwrite the wp database with the new content when I launch the site, removing all the old pages and content?

Put your work in a different subdirectory and different database name (or different table prefix in the same database).

When you’re ready to launch, copy the theme/plugins to the original location, and change the database name or table prefix in the WP settings. Now the existing install points to the new database and has your new design.

Worked perfectly, Dan. Thanks for the help!

Was actually much easier than I expected. Something about messing with db stuff still makes me nervous. :slight_smile: