Building A Web Service to communicate with Sage


I’ve been asked to link data on my company’s website to our Sage system, so that real-time data will be displayed on it. Hence, I’m thinking of building a web service as an interface to link the two applications. Please does anyone have an idea of how I can achieve this? I’m new to sage, and don’t know where to start.

I read up a few posts here that suggested building a webservice to do what I need to do, however, I don’t know how to begin.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


SageLine50v11 Accounts

Data would be Stock quantity, and Invoice data.


Sage 200 - Accounts uses MSSQL as a data backend, so you might be able to just hook your PHP script into the same database and fetch data directly from it. You will of course need to “reverse engineer” DB schema first (to understand what is stored in which tables), but this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Sage? Sage what? Payroll, Accounts?

Pretty sure you need the developer license too, you may not though. :slight_smile:

What are your main objectives, what data would you like to gleen/amalgamate?