Building a template page

I have an idea but not sure how to make it or what to use. Maybe people here can help me with some ideas on how to think when building this.

On a website I will have a newsletter template.
There will be one area with the actual newsletter and one area where the user can edit settings.

The user should be able to change colors of the css file and I want the changes to be updated when the user is clicking on a new color.
Let’s say I have one color called happy, one called dark and one called summer.

When the user is clicking on summer in the settings area, I want my template (in the template area) to show the new settings for that choice.

Would be great to also have a filed where the user can fill in a headline and when they write, the headline is changing to their text that was written in the field on the settings area.

Not sure if it’s possible to see the text being updating when the user is typing or do they have to click a button to make the changes appear?

I’m not sure what to use to make this page and where to start. But my plan is to use php and also a MySQL to save the settings for the final template when the user is satisfied.

Any ideas here?

Shouldn’t this be something that you are discussing with your web designer? Are you asking the board to design the features you want. It sounds like you are just doling out what YOU want? That is not how this works.

As far as ideas: yeah I got some. First, “you build this” with html. You might also want to learn javascript. I have yet to determine one good reason for you to want to use php and mysql. The KEY WORD in this is YOU. You want site dynamics go learn some javascript tricks.

I am not sure what you mean by the template area? You mean YOUR HOME PAGE, right. A template presupposes that there is a need for a dynamic page

You can use PHP and MySQL if you want to save the templates for later reference.
For the front end of it all (the browser page where the user will be “toying” with the settings and content of the newsletter), you’ll need to use javascript to implement the immediate update of the settings without the user having to click a button and the page to reload.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. This forum is ALL about asking questions. I don’t see the OP asking for others to do his work for him anywhere.

You are right. I don’t know what got into me last night. I am a newbe on this forum and I am by no means even a novice when it comes to php. But for the last few months I have been reading books to educate myself on the subject in preparation for my website design.

With the little I know so far about it, I realized that the OP wasn’t quite understanding the basics of what php is used for and that he needed javascript, but I could have said it nicer. I suppose that I was having a bad day.

Thanks Guido2004. So, it’s done with javascript. I thought so. I think I found something explaining this the other day and will check it out.
I will have the fields into MySQL, so that I know about. It was just this little thing to make it happen live.

I hope I will be ready in a couple of weeks with my very large website. And 14u2ponder. No problem. I know some php and MySQL. I’ve been building a couple of web sites with that and they work really well. Even though, I’ve been reading books and sometimes doing things in my own way, instead of the right way. But usually I get it working after some time, even though it can be done a lot easier I guess.

But Javascript is something I haven’t been working with. Just grabbed some codes here and there from other tutorials.

Now, I just wanted a nice effect to make things more alive on the page. I can easily make a newsletter template on a web page and let the user change things and then show them when they click a button. But I was looking for this nice live updating effect.

Have Fun and I like this forum a lot. Sometimes I get stuck and have no ideas or haven’t been coding for some time. Then people out here are great helping out.