Building a client for a website


I am using [this website][1] a lot and I know that plenty of young people use it. The website is neither responsive nor features an iOS app, which is understandable, but it should at least be responsive then.

I would like to build a client for this website. I want to replace the HTML and CSS with my own design but get the content from the old website. Is this possible? Is this illegal? Theoretically I just need to link the php files from in my own source code, right?

I know people building their own Twitter clients, so building a client for should be possible as well, isnt it?

Thank you for your answers, Paul.

Yes, but maybe tricky. It depends on how authorization works there and how often they change design.

Yes. You have to get permission from site owners to do that.

Thanks. There are multiple Android apps for, and there also is an iOS App. All of them dont look like WebApps, the layout seems native, at least on iOS.

I did not see a public interpals API, which is needed to get the interpals data into a third party app. How did they do it?

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