Build your own website the right way, stuck in Chapter 4

I’m working through building the example site in the sitepoint book “How to build your website the right way using HTML and CSS” (2nd Edition).

I was doing well, I’m in chapter 4 where it starts to talk about positioning elements anywhere you like.

This markup;

#bodycontent {
  left: 200px;

is supposed to position my bodycontent 200px away from the left side, but if you take a look here; , you can see that something is wrong.

I can’t figure out what it is that’s going wrong?


Can you see the error in this code?

#navigation,[B] bodycontent,[/B] #header {
  position: absolute;

There’s something important missing from the front of the bodycontent rule. Can you spot it ?

#navigation, #bodycontent, #header {
position: absolute;

(That design is fine for testing and learning but I wouldn’t use absolute positioning for a real site in that way. The columns should be floated to allow the flow of the page to be controlled.)

Ah yes, thank you - I am missing the “#” sign from the, um “ID selector”.