Build Your Own Website Chapter 3 - CSS

Hi everyone. I just bought this book and I am having trouble with the CSS. I have entered the code correctly on every page, I think - I ran it through an online code validator - but when I load the page in Safari, none of the changes have been made.

Here is the code for my style1.css file - I am having trouble pasting the code for my index page:

body {
font-family: Verdana;

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Do you have Verdana installed on your computer? If not then a default font will be substituted since you haven’t specified any alternatives in that command.

When you provide a space separated list of fonts then the browser will display the first one from the list that it can find.

Have you tried other browsers to see if it makes any difference? It shouldn’t if the problem is that you don’t have the font.

Thanks for getting back to me. I found the problem when I clicked “Inspect Element” on the browser - the CSS file wasn’t saving to the right place. Everything is fixed now.

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Thank you for letting us know what you found

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