Build Your First Node App Email Course

Lesson 3 in the Build Your First Node App Email Course. The code in this lesson does not work using the Hapi server. I have managed to get things up and running by using code from the Hapi server docs! Anyone else having this trouble?

Hi Proche53,

Sorry to hear about this issue. We are aware of this. It is due to the fact the lessons were using an older version of Hapi v16 I think it was.

We are in process of updating the code in this course. I am glad you were able to get past this issue.

Thanks for the feedback.

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When do you think the code will be updated and all the lessons be updated? I presume this will be reflected in the ebook when the course is completed.
I am finding this a very interesting course, but very complicated. If I wanted to put this up on one of my sites would my service provider have to supply node hosting?


So we will be updating the book yes but will be a few weeks before we have that. The content of the course has been updated now to the new version:

I suggest you sign up to this version so you get the new code that should all just work for you.

In relation to hosting yes you would need a host that can handle node. Heroku might be one you could look at:


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