Build Web Server

Hey guys,

 I'm thinking about building my own web server, from scratch, to host websites on the interweb. What recomendations could you consider before starting? Or, is it a dumba$$ thing to do, and not worth it? The reason I am even considering it, is because I have seen ALOT of .NET jobs that require Windows Server/MSSQL Server (DBA) experience. Hey, why hire 2 people, when one can do it all. Just trying to kill all birds with a bazooka, before making a profit with a corporation.

Good forum. Thanks guys.

Why not just get a dedicated windows server from a hosting company? Check out layeredtech. They pretty good and well priced as well.

As you are going to need high bandwidth lines and static IP address

Thanks NightStalker. I will look into that company. I just thought it would be cool to have complete control over my solutions. As the saying goes: Jack of all trades, master of none. Might think of staying on the Development side, Server administration might be more expensive/trouble then it’s worth. Thanks again.

You do have full control over the server with them. You remote desktop into the server and do watever you want. If you pay a bit more you can get their support. So if you stuck setting something up they will help you do it. They also have monitoring software on the servers, so if anything goes wrong they know immediately and sort it out.

Awsome! Thanks for filling me in man. I have never heard of such a service, I will take that approach now. I will pay for support, I have a habit of ****ing **** up! Again, much appreciated.

I built two servers for a local company. They mainly needed them for intranet between two locations but I figured that since they already need internet between the two I may as well host their web sites there as well. Basically, they use a cable modem with a few static IPs. I don’t know if it’s my proximity to the server or not but I consistently get lower pings and surprisingly fast serving.

I know they pay a bit more than a home owner for their cable modem but it seems to be a viable solution.