Build up .NET Forum

Hey guys,

It's been very quiet on the SP .NET forum lately. Not sure why, but what other forums do you guys go to? This has been the only forum I have gone to, but open to ideas for .NET forums..

Hey there,
While I’m 100% on board with you guys sharing ideas for other forums to check out, I thought I’d drop in to say that we’re about to do a bit of a push on .NET with the release of our latest .NET book in a couple of months, so with any luck you should see some action around here…

Is it MVC??? :smiley:

I usually go right to ASP.NET Forums : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Forums

I’m looking forward to the new book!

Stole my thunder. :slight_smile:

Well … its not really a forum, but I usually troll stackoverflow :slight_smile:

This is the only development forum I frequent. Though, it hasn’t been as frequent the past few months.