Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices

The Mobile Web is the most important development in the online world since the internet itself. Due to better services and smaller, cheaper devices, there
has been a huge explosion in mobile technology that far outpaces the growth of any other computing cycle.

Are you ready for this?

Our brand new title [I]Build Mobile Websites and Apps for Smart Devices[/I] is a practical guide for
innovative front-end web designers and developers. You’ll discover a fun and accessible approach to mobile web design and development, with enormous
scope for opportunity.

If you need convincing as to the mobile web’s impact, simply look around you. Everywhere you go, people are accessing the Web from their devices. Check
out these statistics:

  • By the year 2014, consumers will be buying more smartphones than PCs and Laptops.[1]
  • Since the launch of the iPhone, more than four billion apps have been downloaded, with an average of 47 apps per user. Android and iPad app stats
    are also in the millions.[2]
  • Worldwide mobile browsing has increased 148% in just a year. [3]
  • The number of users accessing Facebook and Twitter through their mobile devices has more than doubled in a year.[4][5]

Clearly, the need to develop for mobile devices is very much alive, and will only become more necessary as time goes on. This book will take you from
turning a basic website into a sexy mobile site, from cool mobile app to lucrative and seductive native app.

For the first time ever, you can grab a multi-media bundle including the epack, print book, and a comprehensive online course from our sister-site, Learnable.

The course is taught by one of the authors, Myles Eftos, and will help you follow along with practical exercises and tutorials found in the book. You can
grab the bundle here for only $49.95 (Saving of 50%!)

[SIZE=“1”][1] Internet Trends – Presentation from CM Summit, Morgan Stanley, June 2010

[2] CM Summit, June 2010

[3] StatCounter Global Stats - Browser, OS, Search Engine including Mobile Market Share

[4] Statistics | Facebook and
Top 10 Mobile Internet Trends (Feb 2011)[/SIZE]

Looks amazing, Meli! It’s a great price for a package that includes so much … even a Learnable course! Wow.

I generally don’t reply to the post but i will surely in this case… Its just awesome

Thanks all!
We’ve received some great feedback and are very excited to be able to offer you such a comprehensive learning experience on this topic.

Look out for more course + book offers in the near future.


I’d really like to get into building mobile apps and this book looks ideal. I have a couple of questions though:

  1. Should I have an advanced knowledge of javascript or any other languages before buying this book?
  2. Do I need a smart phone in order to build apps?


Hi topmonkey,

  1. You need intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS & Javascript
  2. No you don’t need a smart phone. There are software development kits available online that come with a phone emulator for that specific platform.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Excellent! Sounds perfect.
Thanks Melinda!