Bugzilla 915, what I've been saying all along

Wasn’t entirely sure where to put this, but after over a decade of this bug in the gecko renderer, it’s been marked “resolved”

… and “invalid” - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?! INVALID? It doesn’t behave as the specification says; in fact, it misbehaves so badly it defeats the point of USING COL/COLGROUPS one of the entire reasons to use a TABLE to present SHOCK tabular data!

If you bother to read through it’s comments

You can see the lightweight flamewar this has set up, but it goes back to what I’ve said about open source all along – if it’s not trendy or fashionable, or not important enough for people to contribute to a bounty on, it will never be fixed.

Which is why you have all this HTML5 and CSS3 nonsense, endless effort to support specifications NOT EVEN OUT OF DRAFT that developers HAVE NO **** BUSINESS implementing on production sites… While decade old gaping holes in the HTML4 and CSS2 specification are ignored.

Oh yeah, that open source fixes bugs SO quickly.

I lack the words in polite company to express my feelings on this one. As I said two or three years ago on bugzilla, how about they finish off HTML4/CSS2 BEFORE dicking around with specifications not even out of draft?

Well, at least someone higher up with a bit of common sense switched it back to “new” instead of “resolved-invalid”

Wow, I didn’t actually know that the HTML4 spec says align is a valid property for colgroups and cols… how much easier would that make life, when one of your table columns has prices in it that you want to right-align!?

But as far as I can see, skimming over the comments there - no matter which position Mozilla takes, they’re going to violate a spec, either CSS2 or HTML4. Probably better to leave things as they are until the contradiction is resolved.