Bugs in PHP5.3.3?

Hi All -
I wonder if anyone has found a problem with PHP5.3.3’s function ‘require_once’?
I have PHP5.3.3 with IIS running on a 64bit version of Windows Vista, and am following an exercise in OOP development, I have recently updated my computer to the above version of PHP.
I have a warning as follows:‘Warning: require_once() [function require_once]: It is not safe to rely on systems timezone setting.’ I can find no reference to this in the PHP manual (nor any to 64bit references).
Including a valid value in ‘date_default_timezone()’ makes no difference, so I guess some other coding is required in addition to settle this warning.
Can anyone offer any suggestions?
Thanks in anticipation.
Edward Stephen.

Easiest is to edit your php.ini and add a date.timezone setting for your locale. Before 5.3 the absence of this setting didn’t cause a warning, now it does. With apache on linux you can also use a php flag in a .htaccess file but I don’t know if IIS supports .htaccess

Additionaly, you can also set the timezone using [fphp]date_timezone_set[/fphp]