Bug with php as fastcgi ? (I got plesk)

I’ve installed the fastcgi dll on my Windows server 2003 OS
so that php use it, by following the article:
“Robust and High Performance PHP with IIS: Using FastCGI”
from here:
Installation was a bit more complicated,
since I have Plesk, and there’s three files php.exe provided
with it (I’ve just find the good one by looking how the
server was configured in cgi mode).
Now what’s wrong:
when I launch a php script from a subfolder ,
everything works 100% fine.
However when I launch a php script from the root
I got some problems with specific functions:
file_exists(), or fopen().
If I put the file “whatever” in root,
then the code file_exists(“whatever”) will return false
even if the file is there.
If I do operation fopen(“anything”, “w”),
a file will be writen, but in the first subfolder
of the root (considering alphabetical order) …
However if I write file_exists(“…/whatever”)
or fopen(“…/anything”, “w”) ,
functions will work … not really as expected…
Anyone has an idea how to correct this weird behavior ?
By the way, I’m quite disapointed by the lack of the documentation concerning this dll
on the official website fastcgi.com
(nowhere on the official website you can find instructions on how to install it …)
Although this dll is recommended everywhere …


E, did you ever get anywhere on this? I am having the exact same problem that you experienced. FastCGI works fine out of a sub-directory but out of the root fails.