Buddypress w/bbPress, avatars not showing next to posts

I’m using Buddypress w/bbPress. For some reason the member avatar does not show next to their forum posts, just the member name.

You can see what I mean here. I’d really like to get the members’ avatars to show right below their name on the left (i.e. below Jake Da Snake and jaketester2).

I installed some text “avatar should go here” in the place where i’d like it to appear. It’s in the wp-contentpluginsbbpressbbp-themesbbp-twentytenbbpressloop-single-reply.php file. The code is here: http://pastebin.com/A23rs8pC (line 34)

I just dont know what php code to put there in order to get it to pull in the avatars.

please advise. thanks in advance!