Bs 3 modal : glyph ok/remove not working with add/removeclass on span

I have a bs 3 login/resetpw modal. ok/remove glyphs not working with add/removeclass , jquery, but other parts does. it is strange.
also the div element containing the tree relevant span elent, stretching over the input field like it would not be part of bs flow. I am sorry my first post I did not see.
my codepen is
modal bs 3 login/resetpw

I’m not really following what you want so these questions may not ,make sense to you :slight_smile:

Where are the ok/remove supposed to be? What is the html for them?

You lost me there.:slight_smile:

Your inputs don’t match the width of the input status div because you have given the inputs 95% width.

Also remove all the html comments from your css as that is corrupting some styles.

These are css comments.

/* Place holder start */

These are not CSS comments and will corrupt the following rules or indeed the whole stylesheet if you were unlucky.

<!-- Place holder start -->

thank you for answer. I updated my code at codepen. as I click on submit button, the informing text under input field turns red, saying that respective field is empty, also it should appear a remove icon, a red x. if every detail is ok then green ok icon. that is supposed to happen with add/removeclass() jquery. from tree span the .feedback class part is responsible. I tested it with a commented html(…) command, it works but add/removeclass() don’t so the expected ok/remove icons doesn’t appear. thank you.
also I was thinking about reset. I would like to ask, is it right as I’ve done it? another thing as I reset the fields, the information’s under inputs should go back to default. I guess I need to add a condition checking reset button to reset the informative area below the inputs. thank you, frank
I am sorry, also I forgot as I go to resetpws , clicking on submit button, instead of wait for filling up fields, everything disappears.

The icon isnt appearing because you have set it ti display:none in the CSS here.

	 .glyphicon-ok, .glyphicon-remove{
		display: none;

Remove the above and it should display.

Read this first.

Hi Paul
thank you for help it is working well. I would like to ask, what is the problem with reset button?
if I reset 2 3 fields in a modal doesn’t problematic.
thank you, frank

No user has ever pressed a reset button except inadvertently. :slight_smile: They make no sense for users.

If your form is designed correctly why would a user need to reset all the fields that they just entered. Resetting doesn’t tell them where they went wrong the first time either so they will just go and do it wrong again.:wink:


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