Browsers want render web pages

I have a problem with my browsers (IE and mozilla) rendering my web pages. They only let you view certain pages. And it’s killing me trying to find out why? I have cleaned my browsers, I have downloaded he latest browsers and I also have spent endless hours ensuring that my coding is correct . If anyone could help with this your time and effort would truly be appreciated.


Hi and welcome to SPF!

We can’t help you without a link, however. :slight_smile:

Hi out there .Could someone help me find out where to place my link in my messages.


sorry guys my the link is http:/www.cheezy123 co in
Hope I got it right cause I just got hooked on working
with my computer.


Nope - I’m afraid you made a mistake somewhere. has apparently not been registered.

Look at the top of the browser where you see the web address of this page. You’ll see the web address beginning with http:// or www, and continuing on to the end. Don’t leave out any punctuation, like a period or dash or underscore. Give us that string of text for your web site (after navigating to your own web site, of course).