BrowserCam Group Purchases

Dear Members,

Please DO NOT post individual threads about starting the new BrowserCam Group Purchase - post it here instead.
All seperate threads will be removed from now onwards.

BrowserCam purchase group consists of 20 people signing up at Fundable. Using Fundable means that no money changes hands until all 20 people have pledged.


See post 245 before reading Further

Please use the following template:

BrowserCam Group Purchase ID: your group ID
link to Group at Fundable:
number of the group members needed: how many positions are left to form the group

Please update the original post when the free spots are taken. Also update it when the group is formed and no free positions are available.

Keep this thread clean - just group forming informations and updates.
If group members want to ask questions, discuss or comment anything related to their group - please use your group discussion board available on Fundable.

We’re working on one:

BrowserCam Group Purchase ID: BrowserCam Group Account Purchase

link to Group at Fundable:

number of the group members needed: 14

Thanks for the help spreading the word.

Still looking for 14 members–surely not everyone has already jumped on this bandwagon?!

Oh, we’re picking up speed now! Only 12 slots left in this group, and 16 days to fill them.

11 shares still available! Don’t miss out on this exceptional offer.

I’ve just signed up. How many more do we need now? It says “76 - 99% funds pledged” but not exactly how many.

Hi, glad you found us. We need just five more folks in the next nine days–and I think I know one who’s coming–so I’m pretty optimistic. (And I guess the 76+% reading is also just a hair optimistic :rolleyes: )

I’ve started another browsercam group here! We still need 18 slots. This is for the same discount that browsercam is running.

looking to join any group who is nearly done and trustworthy.

:wink: Keep it coming. We’re almost to 20, sorta. This promotion is unbeatable although luckily my employer is buying me a Mac mini for testing, as well, so I don’t have to rely completely on the bc sub.

I just opened following Browsercam Group

BrowserCam Group Purchase ID: Browsercam Group Account Purchase
link to Group at Fundable:



We’re working on a new one…

BrowserCam Group Purchase ID: BrowserCam Group Account Purchase

Link to Group at Fundable:

Number of group members needed:0


I just pledged designmonster.

I have started a new Browsercam group purchase. If anyone is interested, please let me know. The first 20 people to pledge get it.

Browsercam Group Purchase ID: beley-browsercam
Amount Needed: $25
Number Remaining: 17

I’m in, just signed up. :slight_smile:

We are almost there…so go to

I am not leader of the group, but I have contributed my $25, it looks like they still need several more contributers so I thought I would post here to find more people. Thanks for looking.

I have contributed my $25, but we need more people (several more needed)– looks like a great service, why not try it for a year (for only $25)

Go here to join group:


amaczka, why don’t you just join my group that’s already going instead of trying to start another?

Okay, looks like you’ve been going for a while… how many people do you have? Maybe if we combined our groups we would have enough people.

Good idea if it works beley, I can’t wait to get my browsercam account! :slight_smile: