Browsercam and Crossbrowser. Can you see this site?

Anyone here with IE7 and Firefox 3+, can you view my site here and tell me if the site looks fine w/o a pinkish logo in the upper right corner like it does on my browsercam [url=]BrowserCam : Public Project

I’m not sure if Browsercam is acting wierd or if I’m having cross browser problems.

It’s not pink for me in any Mac browsers, including FF5. I also checked FF3, 4 and 5 on Windoze, and it was fine, and also IE7, 8 and 9. All fine. No pink logo. :slight_smile:

Only weirdness I’m seeing is the text blowing out of those three boxes on large font/120dpi systems – which is why fixed height containers/images for text are bad web design – again the “but I can do it in Photoshop” nonsense.

though the markup’s a little div and class heavy, it’s not very semantic, and I hope style is placed just for testing since it has ZERO BUSINESS being in the markup, much less AFTER the closing of the HTML tag.

Actually… ok, in IE6 and lower your content disappears sometimes when scrolling, and renders twice in oddball locations. this is caused by your placing the comments AFTER the tags they are for. If comments end up between floats (and sometimes positioned elements)

Not that the massively oversized and bandwidth hogging background image is practical for web deployment in the first place – since by itself it’s five times the upper size I’d allow an entire page on a site to be (images+CSS+html+scripts) and ten times my ideal target. Much less the inconsistent behavior of the resizing making it a concept I’d throw out ASAP. (especially trying to make it work using jquery bloat)…

I mean, you’ve got a megabyte sized monstrosity and the page doesn’t even do anything yet.

Off Topic:

besides it makes little sense for a Anchor Clanker to be escorting a SAC bomber – if yer gonna shoop in a fighter, do one from the same branch…

Did you leave enough time for the page to load and the image to be rendered correctly? It looks ok on my browsercam screenshots.