Browser Sessions?

There are about 5 -6 sites which I go on often & i don’t really like to log out (Use remember password).
Is there a way people can create a browser session & log in to that by providing a single password. By that way you don’t have to log onto all the sites you have already.

I’m sure I heard about this before. The master password or private browsing on Firefox does not do it.


Most browsers offer a ‘remember password’ option. All I need to do in Chrome is click ‘log-in’. And I use cookies, so I hardly even have to do that.


The ‘remember password’ option works just fine but when another user use the browser, they get access to my session. Surely what I was asking for can be done by creating users at a windows level and this is the way it should be in a work environment but I am asking from a home use point of view.

People can log into a browser session that needs a password so they can access their logged in sites and others wont. User accounts at windows levels work but isn’t there a way to manage this at a browser level?

I’m not big/good w/ that kind of stuff (desktop apps). Have you searched plug-ins? (I doubt it’ll be there) The best way would probably be through a homecoded desktop app.


In Firefox, you can put a “master password” on the remembered passwords. That way, they will only be used if you know the master password.

Thanks everyone who posted.
The master password does not let people see your password in the saved password box, but people can get into your session though if you do not exclusively log out of the Web Sites the last time, just checked that now.
Like I said in the first post, its not the Master Password thing, It does work in a way though. I must have read something and misinterpreted it to be this although it could be a nice thing to have if lot of people need it.

Maybe not using the ‘remember me’ on each single website? If they give you that opportunity, of course.
Or setting cookies to be cleared automatically when you close the browser.

just remember to be careful that other users cant access your content. having a master password or save password on those websites automatically logs person in if they open the site.