Browser question

I use ie6 at work, but other browsers for dev etc. As the org uses ie6 by default, I must have access to it. I just upgraded firefox to version 7, and whenever I open a bookmark in ie6, it automatically opens in firefox. I have tried setting ie6 as default browser, but still not love there.

Can you help me? I have tried goggling this but no luck.

While I am at it, even though I have ‘check my spelling as I type’ switched on in ff 7, my type is not being checked.


i don’t use internet explorer it sucks you better use firefox or chrome

When accessing the intranet you would need to specifically open IE6. You’d then need to limit the pages you access to just those on your intranet.

For accessing the web you need a browser that the web supports - which these days as far as IE is concerned means a minimum of version 8. IE7 is in the process of being phased out and I’d expect it to be gone by early next year.

I had the same problem a while back (though with Internet Explorer 7). Firefox took over as the default program for HTML files and bookmarks. As I recall, the default browser problem was solved by installing Internet Explorer 8, but that doesn’t seem to be an option in your case. The problem was never truly fixed, even after uninstalling Firefox and trying to reset the values manually in the file extension library in the registry. I suspect that Internet Explorer is somehow tied in differently with these files than other programs (including other browsers). The only true solution would be to re-install Windows or get a new computer.

It should be noted that, for the above reasons, I really detest Firefox, and will never use it again.

Thanks CA. I will upgrade to ie7 and see if that resets some of the registry settings. If upgrading to 8 worked for you, upgrading to 7 may work for me.

Just curious, what browser do you use if not firefox?

The most popular browser by a long way for 2012 will be Google’s Chrome browser (assuming that it continues to grow in popularity - it is currently just behind both IE and Firefox in popularity but is growing in popularity at the expense of both of those).

The best browser by a long way is Opera even though it only has around one or two percent of the total browser market.

Firefox is fast replacing IE as the worst browser to use since IE9 has just about fixed all the problems with prior versions whereas Firefox is basically standing still allowing the other browsers to move further and further ahead.

I use Internet Explorer 9 for everyday use, and Chrome for testing and for Facebook (the latter to prevent site tracking and involuntary wall updates).

It definitely seems to me like Firefox is setting itself as the default browser. All new sites opens in the default browser. I can understand how annoying it can be.

I think you already heard about and from which you can make sure how your website display in various browsers. Generally there is some decrease in IE lovers and FF will be widely using browser shortly.