Browser issue?

Just launched this site today and directed the site from sub folder to root (it’s in WP). For some reason, the three icons and text in top right of header (battery, phone and money sign) moved over to the left. I’m not sure how to get that section to look the same in all browsers b/c client is saying one thing and someone else sees something else and it looks fine to me. Chrome seems to be the issue but it looks different in all browsers [URL=“”]Here’s a pic of what it’s supposed to look like.

Also, any idea why the right section where blog posts go on the “News” page (see News tab) isn’t’ showing in IE 5 and 6?

The home page looks the same to me in FF4, Chrome12, IE9, IE8, IE7, and IE6. No shifting of the icons in the header at all. (Your “what it’s supposed to look like” picture is demanding a password.)

On the “News” page, the right section gets shifted in IE6 to a position below the other material - scroll down, and you’ll see it. Can’t tell you how to fix it (I just ignore IE6 these days), but the section isn’t missing entirely - it feels like one of those classic “box model” glitches, where the blog section is slightly wider in IE6, so it moves below.

Right, that sounds about right about the blog issue.

Gosh, I didn’t think I put it in the PW section. Try this:


Doesn’t like that userID and password combo, alas.

It didn’t work? Let me put it in a non-password protected place. One second.

Can you see this?

That’s more like it, and that’s what I’m seeing in all browsers, though somewhat to the left:

(image removed)

Hmmmm…I’m not sure either. It looks fine except for the left thing to me too. Can you take that image down?

The other difference is that it lines up right under the right of the very top image in Chrome but not in FF and I think other browsers so it’s hard to move over to the right.