Browser don't recognize the new updated text file for download

Hello guys.

I have this php script that will read records from mysql table and save it into text file (.CSV).
Now i created a download link to that text file so a user can download that and then he
can use and open it in the MS excel or openoffice.

The problem is everytime my script auto updates the .CSV content and when
i download the file using the ‘download link’ that i created, the content stay the same.

Can you guys advice how to fix this problem, i checked my script and database
and tested it and they worked very fine i noticed it’s the browser that is causing the problem.

Any good advice or suggestion you can give.

Thanks in advance.

By the way the file extension is .ZIP to force the file download.
After a user can download it, he can renamed it back into .csv.

Are you clearing your local browser cache?

(dead easy in FF3x + Web Developer addon)

If this is going to be a problem for your users then it looks as if you will have to prepend some headers telling it not to cache the file.