Browser compatablity problem

i struck to a problem that my web is running in all the default browsers of the mobiles as well as on mozilla, chrome and opera mobile web browsers
but it is not running in the uc web browser correctly as on other browsers …
i am using this color #E11F27 in background
and this is visible very dull on the uc web browser
i do not understand what is the isssue in it

please give me a solution for this


Welcome to Sitepoint :slight_smile:

If its working everywhere else then it must be an issue with that browser (or your device settings). I’m afraid I’ve seen no bug reports for this and have no way of testing so I can’t offer much help I’m afraid.

You may have to resort to using a brighter colour instead.

thanks for replying so early…
but sorry to say i am not getting this that its a device problem…
if that is working on my device default browser and in same device i installed ucbrowser and then checked
there is a issue in color brightness…not only in my device i have tested it on 3 mobiles the results are same…
and if there are some settings for the uc browser
can you please tell me…


Unfortunately I have no experience with this browsers and from the lack of other replies it seems no one else here is familiar with UC browsers either.

I would suggest you try their support forums which I think are here.

How are you supplying the background color to your site? There may be an issue if you are using the css3 multi background syntax or rgba so make sure you supply basic fallbacks for browsers that don’t understand.

my web is running well on the opera,mozila,and the default browsers of the every mobile …and one thing i tested it on lumia yesterday …it is working well on it also and its uc browser too

can you help help me now …