Browser-based FTP system

Hi All

A client of mine wants to set up a browser-based FTP system for their clients. So their clients would go to, say, and log in, then be able to browse and upload to a specific directory.

A bit of googling turned up some server software that does this (net2ftp - a web based FTP client for example), but I’m curious to know if anyone’s had any experience, recommendations etc… I’m looking for something that’s customisable with CSS, that will let you set up several accounts (each with their own sub-directory) and hopefully that won’t cost thousands…

Thanks loads for any help!

I have only really used net2ftp once, so I cannot completely vouch for them. However, I can say that I have heard good reviews about them. You can download net2ftp and install it on your own host, and then I believe you can customize it to automatically sync with your control panel. Really net2ftp is only a ftp program on the internet. If you want to set different accounts you will have to do so through your ftp program or through your control panel software, such as cpanel.

Thanks Matt - I’ll take a closer look at net2ftp.

Does anyone know of any other systems for this? net2ftp was just the first one that popped up on google - would be great to know what other options people recommend.