Broken Links (Lots Of!)


I’ve got a pretty bad issue with broken links on my site when checked with a link checker, how can I remove broken links from wordpress? Also one such broken link is a telephone number where I have used <a href="tel: should this be set as no-follow to fix the issue, or how would I fix this.


Are these links in posts or in the templates?

a telephone number where I have used <a href="tel:

A better option, IMHO, is just to present the number in plain text. Some smart pone will turn that number into a clickable link. But at least everyone can see the number, and call you manually if all else fails. Desktop users won’t then get a dead link AND be left wonder what your number is.

I’ve played around with using the tel link. It really just doesn’t work well since it’s largely unsupported, so I ended up not using it.

Most mobile devices will automatically pick up on the number pattern and link it anyway. Same goes for folks who have skype installed on their desktops.

Thanks for the response, most of the link issues seem to be related to the telephone no. So yeah I will change that. Thanks for the advice.

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