Broken Link Building- beneficial or harmful?

can any one please explain me what exactly broken link building is? and can we used it for seo? will it harmful or beneficial to my site?

My understanding of the term is different from that in the previous post.

Broken-link building involves looking for broken links on the web. When you find one, you contact the webmaster, point out the link is broken, and then suggest that he links instead to your own site (or your client’s). The theory is that you will get lots of extra incoming links, which will improve your search engine ranking.

It might well work in some cases, but personally I consider it a total waste of time, for two reasons.

First, it will take a lot of effort to find the links. It’s not enough to use an automated tool for this, as the whole point of the exercise is to find links from sites that are relevant to your own site. And once you’ve found the links, good luck with trying to contact the webmaster. In many sites, just finding an email address or contact form can be a challenge. And the chances of getting a positive response from the webmaster are pretty low.

My other objection is that, even if you succeed in getting a new link to your site, is that really valuable? Incoming links are much less useful for SEO purposes than they used to be. Nor can you rely on the link directly bringing visitors to your site. And even if it did, how do you know those visitors will be interested in whatever you are selling?

I guess if you’re the sort of person who spends long hours behind his desk wondering how to use fill his day, broken-link building might be worth the effort. Personally, I’ve got enough to worry about without this sort of time-waster.



It’s the first time that I have heard of this. It looks like a legitimate strategy but impractical. I completely agree with Mikl. Your time is better spent doing other things.


Thank You Mikl, i got your point.

I too have heard of this for the first time, and I got to agree one hundred percent with Mikl one hundred percent that its not worth the time. I read somewhere on amazon that link building is considered the best SEO strategy, but the right kind of approach will guarantee a good rank over time. Much obliged for this thread, I got to learn something new today.

I tried re-rebuilding the broken link, but i just wasted my time, did not get the desired result.

You are right. But we can find broken links on high authority website like wikipedia. Then it will be worthy.

Example: There are few broken links to the source page, find them and create updated version of the source, after that edit that wiki reference. It works in few cases.

Hope it could help.

I’m confused, Because I didn’t perform any experimentation on Broken Link Building yet. But here in this post, I got something about Broken Link Building “17 Untapped Backlink Sources (Updated)” and It is easy to find them. On the other hand, In this time, has there any new method into the dearth that could be the unique and worthwhile without Content Marketing? As I know it is one from Untapped Backlink Sources.

I’m also honor Mikl’s review. He noted some valuable points in his trail. So we should take a judgement by yourself.

Best of Luck