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So question for you all, and this is meant to be just a fun bit of conversation, but who still uses jQuery?

Recently we had to re do our entire site, massive undertaking. But, we now had control to make it more current so we added in React, Redux, Graphql, and made a point to no longer use jQuery, even for our non React components. We use ECMAScript 2015+ via Babel in our web pack.

So who still uses it? Why do you use it? If given a fresh canvas to build on, would you use it over vanilla (Babeled) JS.?

In the past, it was the first thing I reached for when starting a new project, as working with the DOM API sucked. Nowadays however, native JavaScript has progressed to a point where jQuery doesn’t bring the huge advantage it once did and with the regular updates to the language, jQuery’s use case is shrinking all the time.

Saying that I do still use it on a handful of client sites (I’m too lazy to remove it), as well as one app which uses Semantic UI’s JavaScript components (which rely on jQuery).

I’d use vanilla JS, transpiled to ES5 via Babel (due to IE 11). I’m also a fan of React/Vue which encourage you to think about what you want the UI to look like, not how to manipulate the DOM to achieve it.

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