Break tags: Valid for prose and poetry?

Poetry of usually divided into stanzas like so

Her man sang
she blushed
the gorgon died

and so on.

In this case is using the break tag valid semantically within a paragraph like so:

  Her man sang<br/>
  she blushed<br/>
  the Gorgon died


Thanks for any answers.

Yes that is correct usage.

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

Edit: umm how do I edit my first post as solved? I can’t seem to find an Edit post anywhere near it.

The ‘Edit Post’ button only stays active for about 30-mins and there is no need to add solved to the original anyway. Usually just a reply like; “that works or thanks that answers/fixes my problem” to an answer is sufficient. In either case many questions can have multiple solutions. :slight_smile:

Oh, well thanks again then :slight_smile:

Finally someone using a <br> correctly. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people using <br> tags instead of padding or margins.

Been there, done it, got bashed for it, reformed myself, and now I can’t thank the guy who bashed me enough.

No problem. Song lyrics and poems are typically some of the very few places where where the BR element usage would make any sense.

I use them for postal addresses, for when they must be displayed the “postal” way. Address formatting is one area some people can argue over, but I already decided long ago that the newlines belong.

I just saw a CMS doing bad br’s:

some text



The other one I can think of is with computer code in languages where the positions of the line breaks makes a difference to what the code does.