Brand New website (and company) review (request for feedback)

I am a new member to the sitepoint forum. Thank you in advance for reviewing and providing feedback on our first attempt at our small business/company website. We will be adding content and a blog over the coming weeks, but wanted to obtain feedback and guidance on the current design, layout, etc. Also, we haven’t published the Facebook and Instagram pages yet, so those links aren’t operational. Thank in advance!

ps - I hope that I posted this to the correct forum category.

Nice looking site. Why not responsive? Unless this is being built in a generator that doesn’t support responsive, it shouldn’t take much to have it adjust to page width.

It may just be due to my previous bosses lust for boxes and lines but I prefer empty space over repetitive horizontal lines like you have in gold on some pages.

What is going on with your image hosting? they seem to be on a different server and pulled via an iframe? Something is causing them to load slower.

It took me quiet a few clicks to realize you have page transitions trying to slide the next page in. I am on chrome in linux which is usually fine with animations and your page transitions are so laggy I barely noticed them.

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