Brand New to BlueHost and All Ready a Lost Puppy and still a website and forum to build?

Well BlueHost has me totally confused. I moved a .com from another site which allowed me to play with the code for that future website. I purchased a .org domain which I want to use to build a forum site. So two domains the first being the .org which I want to use while I figure out all the code, and a .org I can not seem to activate so I can move a forum template to it so I can begin to build the forum site.

So one I can not change to stop, the other I can not start to change. So I am now here stuck totally on stupid with our a clue and a silly grin… I guess a good start for a new thread…

Well… The point is, do you have a question?


Well I am only focused on question that first brought me here to this site. I typed BlueHost forum site, but upon joining the site, to my dismay found most if not all BlueHost related threads locked. Perhaps 3-4 simple primary questions pertaining to how to get example dot com (educational website) and example dot org (topic-related forum) capable of both properly hosted. Dishearteningly and begrudgingly are certainly two proper descriptive-modifiers best describing the BlueHost experience to date. Soldiering forward in hopes of more favorable outcomes, is now a senseless albatross of incompetent corporate wag-the-dog.

Once that needless burdened has been resolved I have a mountain of other queries to muddle through. These pertain to topics of CSS-grid, CSS, HTML-5, JavaScript, BootStrap and soon about a Word Press template. There should be a few more long threads within those topics if we get to those queries.

1.) At BlueHost ‘HOME’ Portal - displays .com and to the right a button ‘Log In To WordPress’. Two issues with that a.) neither that .com domain of a template or word press blog. That .com is being used for building a website from code (scratch). b.) I am desperately trying to replace that .org domain, with the .org domain name so I can finally upload a word press I purchased. Then I can start building the .org forum site. I scoured through the BlueHost website but have yet discovered a step-step follow-through. for that task.

3.) Does BlueHost actually allow their members two or more hosted domain names on a single account? (It is certainly implied but I am now doubting this being a reality.) I go to ‘MY SITE’ where it shows .org, right of that is the button ‘Add Site’ which is a rabbit-hole to uselessness. Now if your couscous, yes, both the .org and .com domain names as both listed as ‘verified’ if that helps anything.

I live on a tiny private island sitting on the outer-edge of a deep-water mangrove forest, building a prototype lobster hatchery. I am 14 hours ahead, restricted only to using cellphones (no landline service) So leisurely chats to BlueHost techs all trained in a business-model, designed to run a credit card like the meter of NY taxi driver is out of the question. This would not even be an issue if BlueHost would actually post competent walk-throughs on there website. But they will happily sell a client their $300 manual, which most web-hosting sites post on their sites own sites. I just need help with what should be basic startup procedures,.5 months and I am still stuck in the mud at ‘square One’. I guess I should have chosen Wix or GoDaddy?

I can’t seem to find a forum for Bluehost, and it looks as though they only offer phone or online chat options for support. Would the chat option work for you?

Have you tried searching their “knowledge base”?

For example:

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