Brackets Transmit Web Dev Workflow

I am primarily a web designer and web developer replacing Dreamweaver as a tool to edit client websites. I am have reviewed a number of code editors and FTP clients and am trying out both Adobe’s Brackets and Panic’s Transmit.

Ultimately I am looking for an effective workflow for editing remote client website files in an external editor and resulting with those files on my local machine when I am done editing and uploading the changes. Seems like a common task. I am not currently using any version control.

What used to work for me in Dreamweaver was to find the file in Dreamweaver’s File Manger and double click it. This would both download and open the file in the code editor. When I was done, I would upload the file and close it. Easy.

Using Transmit to transfer files so far is time consuming.

To download a file in a sub-folder I have to both open that folder in the remote view AND also open it in the Local view in order for that file to download to the correct location (which I find way too much work).

Alternately I could just open the remote file directly in my external code editor and make the changes. When I save it uploads auto. Then I would have to use the Transmit Sync feature to sync files, (I guess I could set the Sync settings to only sync files changed in last day).

Not sure if there is a better workflow directly from Brackets. At this point, I thought I would what others do who are using either tool or both.


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