Bounce rate effects on keyword ranking


Does Bounce Rate affects on Keyword Position… I just wanna know is bounce rate affects to the Keyword positions… because after increasing the bounce rate, keyword ranking postion is reduced and give solutions on how to reduce bouncing rate.


You might confuse someone with that line as it doesn’t fit with every type of website. If I have a website that is selling iphone covers and I got a visitor landing on the page where I sell iphone covers I would rather want him to hit the buy button within the first 2-3 seconds then surfing through my site, but if I have a blog where i don’t sell a damn thing, then in that case your advise would suit better.

Either way back to ops question, I believe I did read somewhere (awhile ago) regarding this, and i think it was Matt Cutts giving an example (don’t remember the exact words, so you might want to research better) where he was saying:

if a visitors performs a search on Google and lands in your page, then within the first few seconds he gets back to google to perform once again the same exact search for Google is like a sign that the information you given to the visitor (or rather, that Google gave to the visitor) is not what the visitor wants.
In other words, it is like: we didn’t served the searcher the good resource to resolve his problem, so we better find a better resource for the next time.

How much of that idea is being used I would not know, nor I have invested time to closely investigate that and make some tests so I cannot give you a “real answer” to that question.

Yes.It may affect.Make your site user friendly so that user won’t leave it with fraction of seconds.Provide some useful content.

You get bounces when people see a promising link to your site, but then arrive on your site and either (a) find all of the information they were looking for, or (b) take one look at your site and decide it isn’t for them.

If it’s (a), that’s fine - but that assumes all they are doing is looking for information - if you’re trying to get any kind of transaction or process out of them, then that isn’t working.

If it’s (b), it could be that your site is appearing for search queries where it isn’t relevant - in which case you need to re-think your marketing and make it more targeted so that you don’t keep popping up in the wrong place - or the site is right but it doesn’t draw people in.

If the problem is that people aren’t engaging with the site, it could be any number of things: unattractive or unprofessional design; not obvious what the site is about; bad writing making it difficult to read and not looking trustworthy; poor navigation or process so users don’t find what they’re looking for even when it’s there.

But to go back to your original question … I just don’t understand what you mean. Bounce rates and keywords are completely separate. If you mean “Will Google penalise me for having a high bounce rate?”, that’s a difficult question to answer.

" Content is the KING " As you know , So Update your content frequently!!!
give the Attractive and Useful information that user Look it helpful on your site content!!!
It will work , hopefully to reduce bounce rate!!

Updating your website content may reduce your bounce rate, provide brief information that exactly need visitors who reached on your website by searching about that information.

Persuade your visitors to explore more of your site.