Border shows through item on top, z-index issue?


I have a sub menu that can be expanded with a second level. This second level lies partly on top of the first level. The backgrounds of both levels behave like they should, but the top border from the links in the first level show through the second level, even while the second level is on top of the first level?

You can see an example here I tried to give every element a z-index, hoping that would fix it. But it still goes wrong in every browser I test, so I must be doing something very wrong :slight_smile:

Any idea how to prevent that border from the first level from being placed on top of the second level menu? I tried to use a background image instead of a border as well, but the same thing happened.



Try this:

#header ul li:hover{z-index:999;visibility:visible}

That fixed the problem, thanks :slight_smile: