Border Radius Not Working in IE9

Any idea why my border radius calls are not working in IE9?


A long shot and I can’t test, but try getting rid of

[COLOR=#0000ff]<[/COLOR][COLOR=#800000]meta[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000ff] [/COLOR][COLOR=#ff0000]http-equiv[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000ff]="X-UA-Compatible" [/COLOR][COLOR=#ff0000]content[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000ff]="IE=edge" />[/COLOR]

Sorry I can’t say more…I’m at work.

Those filters that you are serving up to IE are getting in the way. It would be better to move them to a separate style sheet and feed them only to the older versions of IE that need them.

[]726]([URL=" errors.

O____o. If what Ralph/I said doesn’t work, take a look at those errors and fix them. Fixing one error can often fix a lot, maybe even hundreds…