Border Radius Not Showing

Live Link:

Css for inner grey div:

.Conferencing {
	display: block;

Can anyone please explain why my border radius does not show?

Because you have this elsewhere, which is over-riding it.

div, input, select, textarea, span, img, table, label, td, th, p, a, button, ul, code, pre, li {
    border-radius: 0 !important;

(components.css, line 81, according to Firebug. :))

Thank you very much, I should really get round to installing FireFox and FireBug!

It’s a great help, especially if you work on your own and have no-one else to cast an eye over things for you. :slight_smile:

Or just use the native tools in FF—or better still in Chrome, which mostly beat the pants off Firebug these days. :slight_smile: