Border-radius for Internet Explorer


I want to put curved border @ my website…

Its easy for firefox…-moz-border-radius:

but what should I use for I.E. compatibility…??

Any help would be appreciable.

Thanks in advance.

"At present Opera (version 10.5 onward), Safari (version 5 onward) and Chrome (version 5 onward) all support the individual border-*-radius properties and the border-radius shorthand property as natively defined in the current W3C Specification (although there are still outstanding bugs on issues such as border style transitions, using percentages for lengths, etc.).

Mozilla Firefox (version 1.0 onward) supports border-radius with the -moz- prefix, although there are some discrepancies between the Mozilla implementation and the current W3C specification (see below).

Update:Recent Firefox nightly versions support border-radius without the -moz- prefix.

Safari and Chrome (and other webkit based browsers) have supported border-radius with the -webkit- prefix since version 3 (no longer needed from version 5 onward), although again with some discrepancies from the current specification (see this article for further details of how older versions of Webkit handle border-radius).

Even Microsoft have promised, and demonstrated in their recent preview release, support for border-radius from Internet Explorer 9 onward (without prefix)."


That is CSS3, CSS3 is in DRAFT. You are using the -moz prefix on a new property in DRAFT. When the proper version without -moz is not supported in the latest browser, it’s because -moz means “for testing of what you MIGHT be able to use on production sites SOME DAY”… just as “draft” means “for use in testing and bug reporting, and is not recommended for use on production websites!”

After all, there’s a REASON it’s called “draft” and not “recommendation”!

Do yourself a favor, and use a sliding doors technique with an image using nothing but HTML 4 strict (and/or XHTML 1.0 Strict) / CSS 2 (and parts of 2.1 since it at least WAS a candidate recommendation – though now even THAT is back at ‘draft’!)

Using anything newer than that is jumping the gun and nothing more than a total recipe for failure. Anyone tells you otherwise they are packing you so full of manure you could open a nursery.