Border link visible on jsbin, but not jsfiddle

How come there’s a border link on the jsbin one when you click on the button, but there’s no border link on the jsfiddle one?

Border link visible, or whatever that is:

No border link:

Why would one be visible on one, but not the other? If that is a border link, unless it’s something else, is there a way to remove, or change the color of whatever that is?

<button onclick="document.getElementById('player').pause()">Pause</button>

No idea what you mean by “border link”. Perhaps post a screen shot of what you’re seeing. Might be a browser issue, as they both look the same to me.

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Sure, I will!

I just posted images above, take a look.

I think it may be a firefox thing cause it doesn’t happen on jsbin in internet explorer 11, only firefox which is weird. Maybe jsbin operates differently in firefox than jsfiddle.

Perhaps it’s the button:focus {} styling. Best not to remove that, but to change it to something else.

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yea, I was told that.

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